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Bertram Primary School
Building Brighter Minds, Living Brighter Futures

Bertram PS Initiatives

 1:1 iPad Program

iPads are an integral part of the teaching and learning program at Bertram Primary School. Sets of 6-8 iPads are shared between pairs of Learning Areas and  students from PrePrimary to Year 4 are invited to bring their own iPad or iPad to school every day. In 2015 the 1:1 iPad Program will extend from PrePrimary to Year 6.


Murdoch University Partnership

Bertram is proud to be a Partnership School with Murdoch University.  We host a large number of pre-service teachers and our staff mentor these students to become effective teachers.  We are also a WACUTS School (WA Combined Universities Training Schools) and host Interns alongside our regular pre-service teachers.  These Interns spend the whole year in our school, and have heightened opportuinities to extend their learning before they graduate into the profession of teaching.


Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation

Bertram PS remains a strong supporter of the Stephanie Alexander Foundation and runs a whole school Kitchen Garden Program.  All students, from Kindy to Year 6, participate in kitchen and garden on a regular basis and use their acquired knowledge and experience to enhance other learning areas, such as Literacy, Numeracy, and even The Arts.


Breakfast Club

Breakfast Club operates from our School Kitchen daily from 8am to 8.20am.  This is supervised by staff and parents and gives students an opportunity to start their day with a meal they may not normally have.  Students have the chance to make lunch if they are without it for the day.  Breakfast Club provides opportunities for students and their families to build and expand their social circles.

The Bertram Breakfast Club is supported by the Australian Red Cross and Foodbank.