10th October 2018
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Bertram Primary School

  • Address:
  • Champion Drive
  • Bertram
  • WA, 6167

School Sponsors

Dear Parents, Carers and Community Members


Welcome to Term 4. I am delighted to report that we have had a very smooth start to the term and I thank everyone for making me feel so welcome.

I trust that all of our families have had a wonderful holiday and are now ready for the start of a new and engaging school term.  We have returned to a very well presented school campus and my thanks go to our cleaning and gardening teams for their work over the holidays.

Term 4 is offering a wide range of educational activities for our students that currently include:

  • House Athletics Carnival
  • Interschool Athletics Carnival
  • Kindy orientation days
  • A wide range of incursions and excursions
  • Class assemblies
  • Year 6 graduation activities
  • Parent workshops
  • P&C Carol night


Our School Development Day on Monday was a fantastic start to the term for our staff and we engaged in a range of professional learning that included Kagan strategies, Maths, Science and English learnings and a workshop focussing on the Aboriginal Cultural Standards Framework.

My sincere thanks go to Mrs Weir, the leadership group and our staff presenters for enabling such an engaging and rewarding day for all of our school staff.


We have had correspondence from the City of Kwinana expressing serious concern regarding parents and carers parking in an inappropriate manner which are causing high road safety risks.  These have included:

  • Restricted safe intersection sight distance, stopping sight distance and entering sight distance at the Trusty Way and Moombaki Avenue intersections and around the horizontal curve;
  • Restricted pedestrian safe crossing sight distance for pedestrians clearly sighting approaching vehicles and vehicles sighting crossing pedestrians;
  • Informal pedestrian crossing location;
  • Entering and exiting traffic movements in reverse from the verge and restricted sight distance due to vehicles parked closely beside each other;
  • Partial obstructions to pedestrian footpath;
  • Faulty infrastructure from vehicle damage, (signs were noted damaged and on an angle that could injure pedestrians).

We would like to remind all parents and carers that the safety of our children and all community members is our highest priority and that everyone is asked to follow the appropriate signage and the rules of the road.

Wishing everyone the best for a highly successful Term 4.

Kind regards


Craig Ashby







Community Representative Nominations 

The Bertram Primary School Board plays an important part in establishing the directions of the school, endorsing the school budget and evaluating school performance.

The Board membership has representatives from across the school community, including parents, teachers and community members.

There are vacancies for FOUR community representatives on the School Board.

Community representatives are appointed for a TWO year tenure.

Meetings of the School Board are held once per term on a Monday afternoon.  Other meetings are called from time to time.

Any community representative interested in nominating for the available positions is asked to complete the nomination form and return it to the front office by 4:00pm on Monday, 26th November 2018.

Nomination forms are available for collection from the front office.



In a bushfire every five minutes counts especially your next five minutes.

Bushfires are unpredictable and happen every year. The single biggest killer is indecision. To survive a bushfire, you must be prepared to make your own decisions.

If you live near bush, even in a Metropolitan area, bushfire is a real threat to you and your family.

Taking five minutes to have a Fire Chat with your household and answering 3 simple questions could save your life.






Primary Music Institute (PMI) Keyboard


School Instrumental Music (SIM) Clarinet


School Banking


Primary Music Institute (PMI) Guitar


School Instrumental Music (SIM) Guitar 




Friday 12th

Community Chat – Meet our new Principal Mr Craig Ashby

Wednesday 17th

Junior Assembly LA 17, 18 and 41

Wednesday 17th

Jumps & Throws

Wednesday 17th

Kindy 2019 Expo

Friday 19th

House Carnival

Monday 22nd

Year 6 Graduation / Alumni Photo

Tuesday 23rd

Student Councillors Excursion to Parliament House

Wednesday 24th

P&C Meeting 7pm

Thursday 25th

1,2, 3 Magic Workshop

Friday 26th

Community Chat

Wednesday 31st

Year 6 Transition to Gilmore College

Wednesday 31st

Senior Assembly LA 5 and 6



Thursday 1st

1,2,3 Magic Workshop

Thursday 1st

KSSA Interschool Athletics Carnival – Day 1

Friday 2nd

KSSA Interschool Athletics Carnival – Day 2

Friday 2nd

Community Chat

Wednesday, 7th

Excursion to Scitech LA 33, 34, 35 and 36

Thursday 8th

1,2,3 Magic Workshop

Thursday 8th

Kindy 2019 Picnic

Friday 9th

Community Chat

Wednesday 14th

Junior Assembly LA 27 and 31

Friday 16th

Community Chat

Wednesday 21st

Kindy 2019 – Come and Try Day 1

Friday 23rd

K – 6 Disco

Friday 23rd

Community Chat

Monday 26th

P&C Meeting

Wednesday 28th

Senior Assembly LA 33 and 36

Wednesday 28th

Kindy 2019 – Come and Try Day 2

Friday 30th

Community Chat



Wednesday 5th

Excursion to Ace Cinemas LA 1, 2, 5 and 6

Thursday 6th

P&C Carols on the Green

Friday 7th

Year 6 Graduation Assembly

Monday 10th

Junior and Senior Presentation Assemblies

Thursday 13th







Monday 4th February

Term 1 Commences

Friday 1st March

School Development Day

Monday 4th March

Labour Day Public Holiday

Friday 12th April

Term 1 Ends



Monday 29th April

Term 2 Commences

Monday 3rd June

W.A. Day Public Holiday

Tuesday 4th June

School Development Day

Friday 5th July

Term 2 Ends



Monday 22nd July

Term 3 Commences

Friday 27th September

Term 3 Ends

Monday 14th October

School Development Day



Tuesday 15th October

Term 4 Commences

Thursday 19th December

Term 4 Ends