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Bertram Primary School
Building Brighter Minds, Living Brighter Futures

School Board

Bertram Primary School Board 2020

As an Independent Public School the School Board performs an important link between the school community and the school. It has a more vigorous role in setting, monitoring and reviewing the schools direction, finances and actions.

The School Board endorses and reviews the School Development Plan, monitors the School Budget, sets the Voluntary Contributions level and involves itself in relevant policy areas. School Board elections are held each year.

Craig Ashby – Principal

I am delighted to be the Principal at Bertram Primary School.  I am a career educator who has extensive experiences as a Principal of level 3, 4, 5 & 6 primary schools, Education Officer in district office and as a Principal Advisor (Literacy & Numeracy Support).  My professional experiences in the past few years have included being Foundation Principal at Bannister Creek PS, Principal Advisor with the Literacy and Numeracy Support Branch in Central Office and State-wide Services and Principal at Bletchley Park and Manning Primary Schools.

As the Principal at Bertram PS I am looking forward to developing strong relationships with all members of the school community to ensure that our children benefit from the best possible learning experiences.

Sarah Blythe – Chair Person

 I moved to Bertram 17 years ago and have two children aged 9 and 11 attending Bertram PS. I am a Civil Engineer with over 20 years’ experience in various industries including Construction, Oil and Gas, Alumina and Water. Currently I’m working at the Water Corporation as the Manager Commercial Support.

Diane Baker – Teacher

I have been a teacher at Bertram Primary School since 2008. The school has given me many opportunities to be involved in curriculum and teacher development and in 2012 I was awarded Level 3 classroom teacher for my work in the classroom and these areas. I have been a member of the School Board for a number of years, finding it to be an effective way to gauge many different perspectives on school operational issues. I look forward to my continued involvement with the School Board and Bertram’s wider community.

Daniel Di Stasio – Community 

I have two children attending Bertram Primary School and look forward to playing an active role within the school.  Whilst I have not sat on a school board before, I believe that I can have a positive influence on the direction of the school.

I am a Senior Manager with a multinational chemical company and have experience sitting on committees with industry associations, including the position of State President.

Peter Feasey

Hongcui (Tweety) Hinchcliffe-Chen – Community

I have been working in the Tertiary Education field for the past fourteen years both in New Zealand and Australia, with experience in Administration, Human Resource, Finance, Event Management and Project Management. I was a volunteer Mandarin and Cantonese interpreter/translator for a non-profit Multi-Cultural organisation in New Zealand for six years to assist migrants settle into their new life in a foreign country. I also provided interpreting services for the Ministry of Justice and Police department for civil, criminal or family court cases previously. I am passionate not only about the outcome of educational achievements for my 3 boys but also the multi-cultural future Bertram Primary School could bring to all walks of life within this strong community. Being part of the School Board will allow me to be involved more with school events, education direction and decisions on how we can make the school more superior for our children.

Belinda Rodoreda – Executive Officer

My role at Bertram Primary School is Level 2 School Officer; I have been with Bertram for four and half years.  I have ten years’ experience as a School Officer, six of them being in a high school environment.  Part of my role at Bertram Primary School is Executive Officer for the School Board and I am responsible for receiving, imparting, collating information and taking minutes.

Rohan Smith – Principal – Gilmore College

“Rohan Smith is the Principal of Gilmore College, a post that he took on in 2015. Previous to this Rohan has worked in schools in the Rockingham, Pilbara and Fremantle regions and was, for many years, a high school music teacher. Rohan has served on numerous boards/school councils throughout his career and is passionate about student goal setting and students aiming high for the years beyond their schooling. Rohan brings school-based expertise and knowledge to the Bertram Primary School Board and looks forward to supporting the school’s teachers, administration, parents and students as it continues to grow and meet the needs of its community.”

Shaun Spice – Teacher

I have been a teacher at Bertram Primary School for the last 5 years. I am currently a 2/3 teacher and HASS curriculum leader.  I hold a Diploma of Education (Primary) and a Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting and Financial Planning).

Damien Stewart – Community 

I have 30 years experience working across the WA Public Sector.  I have held senior roles in 10 agencies including 6 corporate executive groups.  My current role is as the Executive Director, Workforce with the Department of Education.  I have held this role for nearly 18 months.  My experiences in this role will allow me to contribute in a helpful way to Bertram Primary School, where I have two children attending.  My significant experience in the Department of Child Protection, the Department of Corrective Services and the Department of the Premier and Cabinet would also be of benefit.

Personally, I would like to add my effort to those on the Board and the School’s leadership and teaching group.  As a large school, the challenges of seeing kids thrive and reach their learning potential is enormous.

From a professional perspective, learning first hand of the operations of an IPS School Board and supporting a school leadership team in a large primary school is invaluable.  Of course, this is secondary to the greater priority of educational outcomes for students at Bertram Primary School.

Danielle Ware

I am a foundation staff member here at Bertram Primary School. It has been rewarding to be a part of the progression of our school from 2007 to what it is now. I am very active within the whole school community and curriculum areas. I have been given many opportunities over the years to grow as a teacher and become involved in curriculum and whole school planning as well as building intercultural understandings and collaboration with our partner school in Indonesia. These opportunities have enabled me to achieve my Senior Teacher status. I enjoy being involved in all things Bertram Primary School and am looking forward to being a part of the School Board.

Jane Weir – Deputy Principal

I joined the staff of Bertram Primary School as a Deputy Principal in 2008. Since starting my teaching life in Kalgoorlie in 1979 I have worked in a number of roles and locations from the Goldfields to South Australia and back to Perth. I have worked as a teacher, swimming teacher, deputy principal and education officer in Central Office. I am passionate about school improvement and am constantly considering options for building capacity at Bertram – student, staff and community capacity. I love to learn and share information with others and I enjoy the challenges Bertram provides as a large, busy school. This year, my role as Teacher Development School Coordinator has provided new opportunities including presenting in online environments – something I will get better at next year!

Emma Wright – Community

I am a fulltime working mother, I look forward to actively contributing to the school community.

I participate in the local community through a grassroots netball club, where I have been a committee member for a number of years.

Roles and responsibilities of School Boards

The role of a school council (board) is outlined in the School Education Act 1999. In essence, the role of school board is one of setting the long term future for the school and maintaining oversight (not management) of the school’s operation. It is not about running the school – that is the job of the principal.  It is about providing additional expertise to help the school achieve the best outcomes for the students.

An Independent Public School Board will operate with functions consistent with the legislative role of school councils.

The responsibilities of an Independent Public School Board are to:

  • work within the Department of Education’s relevant legislation and regulations;
  • contribute to the School Delivery and Performance Agreement and the Business Plan. (These documents summarise what the school wants to achieve in the future and how it plans to get there; the agreement will be signed off by the chair of the Board, Principal and Director General);
  • endorse and review the annual budget (the budget summarises the income received annually from the Department of Education and other sources; It also lists planned expenditure, including salaries);
  • assist with the formulation of codes of conduct (guiding principles designed to influence decisions and actions that the school takes);
  • review the performance of the school;
  • create interest in the school within and across the community;
  • assist with principal selection when a vacancy arises (the chair of the School Board will be a member of the selection panel);
  • approve fees, charges, contributions and items of personal use (booklists);
  • approve extra cost optional components of programs;
  • approve arrangements for sponsorship and advertising;
  • liaise with other committees within the school e.g. the P&C;
  • hold one open meeting each year to report to the school community; and
  • provide advice to the principal on religious education and related activities.
  • The School Board does not:
  • manage the day to day running of the school.(for example, it does not employ staff, decide which classes students will be assigned to, or resolve issues relating to individual teachers and students and/or parents);
  • discuss individual issues relating to teachers, staff or parents – these are very clearly management roles and therefore the responsibility of the principal;
  • represent specific interest groups, or permit special interests to dominate the agenda of the Board;
  • intervene in the educational instruction of students;
  • purchase land, buildings or motor cars, nor enter into hire purchase agreements or obtain credit or loans, unless permission is given by the Minister; and
  • performance manage the principal or any other staff member.

Role of School Board members

Parent members of School Boards bring their experience as parents at the school, and the views and context of the wider school community to School Board meetings.

Community members bring a particular skill to the School Board. This may include business, accounting or building skills, or some other skill that the school is looking for at that time.

Department of Education employees bring their educational expertise to School Board meetings.