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Bertram Primary School
Building Brighter Minds, Living Brighter Futures

Special Interest Program

In Term 1, 2018 students in the 3/4, 4/5 & 5/6 phase will participate in Special Interest Program. This 75 minute session each Monday afternoon will provide students the opportunity to explore and develop their skills in an area of interest over an 8 week period.

The first session of Special Interest Program will be on Monday, February 5th.

In 2018 Special Interest Program enrolments will be online through Trybooking. For courses with a cost, payment will be required online at the time of booking. A small booking fee will be added when you check out.

Please take some time to consider the courses being offered in Term 1 with your child. Once you have selected a course, follow the link below to book their place. Each course has limited places so we encourage you to do this as a matter of importance.

While some courses are open to all students in LA 1, 2, 5, 6, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 33, 34, 35 & 36, others specify the year levels the course is designed for, eg RTRFM Music Active is only open to Year 5 & 6 students. Please check all the details before you make the booking.

Please ensure your child is enrolled in a course by the time they come to school on the Monday. Students who have not enrolled will be placed in courses which have spaces.

If you have any questions please contact Jane Weir on

 Music Active

RTRFM – Music Room

SIP Music Active

Music Active offers a unique opportunity for students who want to create and perform original music to learn from stars of the WA music industry. The course gives students an introduction to aspects of the music industry including songwriting, performing, recording, staging and sound and lighting. the program culminates in a performance of students’ original songs. $80 plus booking fee

(if you wish to discuss a payment plan please contact Ms Liz O’Born in the front office before you enrol online)

 Content Creation

Mr Edmonds – LA 35

SIP Content Creation


 Students will create interesting content using technology that could be used on video sharing platforms No Charge

Mrs Ahern – Kitchen

SIP Sewing Year 5 & 6


 Students will learn the basics of sewing and make a new little project each week or 2.  $5.00 plus booking fee
 Creatively Reusing to Transform the Outdoor Classroom

Mrs Tuckfield – LA 32

SIP Creatively Reusing


 Students will reuse waste materials and unwanted products to transform the Outdoor Classroom area. No cost
 Girls’ AFL – Year 4-6

Miss Campbell – Undercover Area

SIP Girls’ AFL Year 4 – 6

 Students will develop movement skills that combine the elements of effort, space, time, objects and people. Understand the responsibility of different roles in AFL including player, coach, umpire.


 No cost
 Fundamentals of Acrobatics

Miss Dowson – LA 24

SIP Fundamentals of Acrobatics

 Students will learn the fundamentals of balance, flexibility and strength involved in acrobatic and circus skills.  No cost

Mrs Bold – LA 34

SIP Bootcamp


 Students will complete a range of activities designed to increase their fitness. They will monitor their progress each week. On the last week parents and caregivers will be invited to join in.  No cost
 Netball – Year 4-6


Mrs Storer – Basketball Courts

SIP Netball

 Students will learn and develop basic netball skills. They will apply these skills in game situations.  No cost
 Design a Toy

Mrs Gray – LA 36

SIP Design a Toy

 Students will design their a toy then create it using recycled and new materials.  $10 plus booking fee
 Basic Italian

Mrs Perry – LA 1

SIP Basic Italian

 Students will learn the basics of the Italian language. They will research the geography and culture of Italy and learn how to create some traditional Italian cuisine.  $10 plus booking fee
 Photography – Year 4-6

Miss Blekkenhorst – LA 2

SIP Photography

 Students will learn to take photos on an iPad focusing on camera shots, angles and editing through Aviary.  No cost
 Drama Production

Miss Cheong & Miss Laverty – LA 5 & 6

SIP Drama Production

 Students will explore the elements of drama and language to present a stage production to an audience. They will create their own stage props/costumes to enhance the production.  $5 plus booking fee
 Mad Scientists – Year 5 & 6

Mr Butler – LA 11

SIP Mad Scientists

Students will develop an understanding of both the theory and experimental side of Science. $10 plus booking fee
 Fishing Adventures – Year 5-6

Mr Parnham – LA 12

SIP Fishing Adventures

Students will learn the fundamentals of fishing including sizes and bag limits and how to clean a fish.

There will be an end of term fishing trip where students will use their skills to catch a fish (or two).

$10 plus booking fee (includes cost of excursion)
 STEM Club

Mrs Collins & Ms Bean – LA 13 & 14


Students will integrate the disciplines of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics into the design and creation of projects. $20 plus booking fee
 Guided Drawing

Mrs Ware – LA 15

SIP Guided Drawing

Each week students will learn to draw something new and add colour by looking at shading and texture. $5 plus booking fee
 Book Club – Year 4-6

Mrs Noack – LA 16

SIP Book Club Year 4-6

Students will develop their reading behaviours and share their reading with others. No cost
 Art in Society

Mrs Slade – TB3 Activity Area

SIP Art in Society

Students will recognise and use the elements of art in their own and others’ works. The group will experience the Art Gallery of WA through a guided tour and participate in a workshop. $15 plus booking fee (includes the cost of the excursion)
 Super 8 Cricket – Year 5 & 6

Mr Myers – Undercover Area

SIP Cricket Year 5&6 BOYS

SIP Cricket Year 5&6 GIRLS

Students will develop their cricketing and teamwork skills in preparation for the Interschool Super 8 Cricket Carnival.

Video analysis of personal skills will occur during the learning journey to record progress and to set learning goals.

$10 plus booking fee (includes cost of transport to the Interschool Carnival)
 Chess Meets 3D Printing

Mr Redman – Exploratorium

SIP Chess Meets 3D Printing

Students will learn the basic rules and simple strategies of chess. They will discover the history of chess and what the different pieces represent. They will design and create 3D chess pieces using Tinkercad and a 3D printer. $10 plus booking fee
 Coding with Swift Playground – Year 5 & 6

Mr Hill – Transportable Office

SIP Coding Year 5 & 6

Students will develop computational thinking skills and apply these to program instructions in general, and then more specifically learn the Swift language to design code using looping, branching and subroutines. No cost
 Music Theatre

Brittany Fenwick – LA 25

SIP Musical Theatre

Students will have an introduction to musical theatre. They will learn basic dance steps, sing as a group and tell stories through songs.