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Bertram Primary School
Building Brighter Minds, Living Brighter Futures

Student Services

Student Services Team

Bertram PS has a Student Services Team dedicated to supporting students at school. This team provides supports to students in different ways and communicates weekly to ensure students and staff receive the support they require for their individual needs.


Student Services Team Leader: Deputy Principal – Cathy Stott 

The role of the SST Leader is to facilitate communication between all members of the SST and ensure that support and services are being provided where they are needed. Cathy addresses requests for support from teachers and parents, organises case conferences and communicates with all involved parties. The SST Leader is responsible for ensuring all SST Members communicate regarding their students and families.

School Psychologist: Brooke Addison

Bertram’s School Psychologist is a school-based referral service, responding to referrals from staff. Brooke assists staff with planning for students with learning difficulties and behavioural challenges; working with teachers to develop individual plans, and implementing programs to ensure a holistic approach to student health and wellbeing.

Chaplain: Alison Purcell

The school has a non-denominational Chaplain who works with students who are referred to her. To refer your child, please complete a form in the front office. The Chaplain assists students who need support socially and emotionally and liaises with teachers and the Student Services Team. The Chaplain also works with parents and families on a case by case basis.

School Nurse: Trish Taylor

Trish is our Community Nurse and is on site throughout the term at different times. She conducts hearing and sight screening for students in the lower years and assists staff with implementing strategies to support students and families. Trish can be contacted via the school for any general health advice about your child, eg toilet training.

Aboriginal & Islander Education Officer: Kristy Mippy 

Kristy supports students from Indigenous backgrounds with both social and academic programs. She ensures they are sustained and comfortable in the classroom and provides a critical link to the culture of the child. Kristy makes contact with parents and families on a case by case basis and may become involved with cases involving attendance or behaviour.

EAL/D Teacher and Assistant: Leah Annesley and Donata Cesora

Joy and Dona work side by side to support students with English as an Additional Language or Dialect. Bertram students speak over 30 languages and dialects and Leah and Dona ensure that these students are exposed to English in a way that supports their learning in the classroom. Students often work one on one or in small focussed groups on language and understanding skills that assist them when they participate in classroom activities. Students are identified to work with Leah and Dona depending on their EAL/D Stage. To identify this stage, it is vital information regarding entry to date of Australia, main language spoken at home and visa number are completed accurately upon enrolment.